Windsor Castle, Home of the Queen (Source: Creative Commons)

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A right royal bike tour in majestic Windsor

A cycle tour of Windsor allows you to step into a world far removed from everyday life, a world of royalty, power and intrigue. Windsor is best known as the home to some of Britain’s most famous Kings and Queens. The town’s links with royalty goes back over 900 years and is so enshrined that even the Royal Family changed their name to ‘Windsor’ in 1917.

Along with its rich heritage and stunning architecture, Windsor is the site of Windsor Castle, the worlds largest and oldest inhabited castle. A tour of the castle gives you an intimate view of royal life and a close up of world famous relics and memorials, one of the most famous being King Henry VIII’s burial site.

Set amongst beautiful natural scenery, Windsor is known for its stylish shops, restaurants and medieval cobbled streets. A stone’s throw away from the town centre is the stunning Great Windsor Park which offers year round scenic beauty and is the perfect location for a picturesque bike ride.

Windsor Castle

Windsor castle is the favourite weekend getaway for the British Royal Family. From most parts of the town, the castle’s stone battlements and formidable walls are visible and at 12 acres in size, is a truly imposing structure. Once a strategic fortress, it has been transformed into a stately palace fit for a Queen.

The castle has been home to different monarchs for close to 1000 years, each of them having their own input into the grand rooms and collections of artwork and furniture. Don’t be put off by the austere brick walls, the interior of Windsor castle rivals that of any castle in the world.

The castle, dating back to 1066 after William the Conqueror invaded England, is now one of the Queen’s three official residences, and is often said to be her favourite. When the Queen is in residence, you will see the Royal Standard flying over the Round Tower and is the only place to catch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony outside of London.

Henry VIII’s grave – St George’s Chapel

Henry VIII was the infamous King of England who is widely known for having 6 wives, two of which he had beheaded. Henry the VIII is an immense figure in British history, whose legacy still lives on today. As the driving force of England’s separation from the Roman Catholic Church, he changed the religious lives of millions of people in the past and even today.

Visiting Windsor gives you the chance to see his magnificent tomb, constructed by the famous Italian Renaissance sculptor, Benedetto da Rovezanno. The tomb is situated in St George’s Chapel, which is still used by current day royals for weddings and worship.

Great Windsor Park

Great Windsor Park is the grand deer park situated next to Windsor Castle. It had been a popular hunting ground for numerous Saxon kings since the 1360’s and has since been largely opened to the public. Here you get the chance to explore the area and see one of Britain’s most beautiful parks on two wheels.

The park encompasses a wide variety of landscape, from sweeping deer lawns to ancient oaks and small woods where game hide from prying eyes. Legend has it that the park has even been haunted for 1000 years by Herne the Hunter.

On your bicycle tour you will also will discover Savill Garden, a pristinely and well kept garden that covers 35 acres of rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias and roses. The garden has been designed to offer spectacular colours year round and is an excellent example of a grand English garden.