Stonehenge vs Avebury….who wins?

Roaming round the amazing Stonehenge

Stonehenge vs Avebury….who wins?

I might risk upsetting English Heritage with this one….but I will plough on regardless. At Pedal England our guides and I all agree that Avebury is much more impressive than Stonehenge. OK it does not have a regular pattern of stones or as many druids on the summer solstice but it has scale (the stone circle takes 30 minutes to walk round), you can touch it (all the stones are touchable), it has the largest man made hill in the world, Silbury Hill just down the road and on the way we walk or bike up another hidden gem – White Horse Hill.

Set on the Neolithic Ridgeway, White Horse Hill provides the “racing snakes” with the steepest climb of the tour and those who want to ride in the bus the opportunity to laugh at the “racing snakes.” Walking along the Ridgeway through to the Neolithic long barrow at Wayland Smithy gives guests an unparalleled view of Neolithic England away from the crowds and an immersive experience second to none. It is also home to the legend of the legend of King Arthur who slayed the dragon on the obviously named, Dragon Hill and the White Horse (which actually looks more like a Greyhound) cut into the chalk hill, thousands of years ago.

In our own unimaginative naming way, day 6 of our tours – “Neolithic day” visits, Whitehorse Hill, Avebury and Stonehenge. It’s the only day we spend time in the support vehicles but it’s well worth it!

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